WELCOME TO RJ TESING & INSPECTION NDT JOHOR , MALAYSIARJ Testing & Inspection Sdn.Bhd NDT Johor a leader in NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Inspection in Asia. We offer our NDT company in Johor Malaysia and company Head Office environment in Singapore . This 12 months given that the financial state decelerate,our RJ Johor NDT branches have released … Read More

Phased Array Ultrasonic Screening (PAUT)Pashed Array Ultrasonic Screening (PAUT) generator is amongst the straight forward process working with variety to independent the elements in a single housing. And the process by refers to how The weather are pulsed in sequence. A phased array ultrasonic screening program are generally rely on a special ultr… Read More

SCAR RADIOGRAPHY TESTINGCompact Managed Location Radiography Briefly SCAR Radiography screening are most apply in confined scape and spots congested employee. Wherever radiation output to generally be retail outlet an absolute and in significantly less so that never to disrupt normal works. SCAR Radiography make practical intently exposure instrume… Read More